Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Adventure

Okay, so last summer I thought maybe I would venture into the mystical land of quilting. My sister Pam is quite an accomplished quilter. Last June I spent an afternoon and evening with her in Bellaire while Emma spent the night at A&M in College Station checking out their honors program. Pam gave me a quick overview of Quilting 101 using these nifty new things called Jelly Rolls...great quilting fabrics, all coordinated, already cut into strips.

This is the fabric I chose to begin my new adventure.

It's called Blossom by Urban Chiks of Moda.

Aren't the fabrics pretty?

The process begins by stitching the strips together in groups of 5 and 6.

. Of course there had to be some form of unpleasantness in this process.

And cut the stitched strips into squares.

And then into triangles.

Pam says her cat always gets into the act when she quilts. I have six cats, so the odds were pretty good that at least one would come out to play. Meet Roscoe. He's my new stitching buddy.

More cutting....

Ugh...more ironing. I knew this was too good to be true.

Voila! Aren't I clever?