Thursday, January 15, 2009

Retrospect...Part 2

My dad would have turned 82 today. He passed away in April. It was, perhaps, the most difficult experience of my life. It happened during my first year of teaching. After finally finding a pursuit that I love so very much and seeing my children mature into independent, well adjusted young adults, I was at a good place in my life. It all still seems so incredibly unreal. I just hope he somehow knows the things I need for him to know. Being the youngest of three, I guess I never thought it would ever fall to me to make any tough decisions. My sister and brother and I had a few theoretical discussions about our parents' future, both immediate and long term. What we weren't prepared for was Daddy not being here for the long term. He was an amazing man. This is how I want to remember him...

It was the only day he ever put on a tuxedo, and he did it for me.

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